DOORS is a very powerful Requirements Management application, which has become the de facto standard in the automotive industry. It implements the fundamental methods of Requirements Engineering „out of the box” and provides the user with a variety of features to manage requirements. At the same time, it doesn't restrict the user. You can implement your Requirements Engineering approach and methods in DOORS. In order to do this, the Standard Version of DOORS includes useful functions. However, many important features are missing, to use the tool even more efficiently.

Over many years XTRONIC has implemented valuable DOORS Add-ins, with which you can significantly increase your efficiency and process quality. We've combined this knowledge and experience in the XTRONIC DXL Suite.

The XTRONIC DXL Suite is currently subdivided in 3 Add-in-Packages, which are adapted to the needs of the corresponding user groups.

Admin Package

The Admin Package is directly intended for the Administrators and the support of DOORS Databases. It provides the user with the means necessary to quickly acquire a complete overview of the Database, as well as a simple way to manage it.

Content Package

Unlike the Admin Package, the Content Package is also intended for normal DOORS- users. It facilitates the management and adaptation of content within the specification modules and projects.

Support Package

The Support Package is a set of various, small DOORS tools, that help users to manage administrative jobs within the DOORS Database in a faster and more effective way, as it is possible with native DOORS tools.